The Inspector General is nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The current Inspector General is Nigel Lange. He has served in State government law enforcement and investigations since 1991 and has been employed by the State of Georgia since 2001. He is a Certified Peace Officer and Polygraph Examiner. Immediately prior to serving at the Georgia Office of the State Inspector General, Lange served as the Deputy Inspector General at the Georgia Department of Community Health. He also served at the Georgia Department of Public Safety for nearly twenty years in various assignments, ultimately as the Chief Information Officer. He was a state police officer in Queensland, Australia for the first ten years of his career and immediately prior to relocating to the United States served at what is now the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission.

Since earning his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts Degrees from Queensland University of Technology, Lange has been awarded the credentials of Certified Inspector General, Certified Protection Professional, and Professional Certified Investigator. He is a graduate of the Northwestern University School of Police Staff & Command, the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Executive Training Class, and the FBI National Academy.

In addition to the Inspector General, the Office of Inspector General is comprised of a Deputy Inspector General, Investigators, Auditors, and Support Staff. The staff of the Office of Inspector General serves at the pleasure of the Inspector General.