What We Do

The State of Georgia Office of the Inspector General (OIG) investigates fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption in the State of Georgia’s Executive Branch agencies.  Any complaints involving state funds, state employees, or state-administrated funds falls within our jurisdiction.  We investigate a broad range of administrative and criminal cases, such as:

  • State employees steering contracts to fictitious vendors for personal gain
  • State employees using a purchasing card (Pcard) for personal purchases
  • Individuals falsifying applications to work for the State
  • Individuals submitting false statements to receive benefits from the state
  • State vendors submitting inflated invoices to the state
  • Non-profits misusing state-administrated funds
  • State employees excessively using state resources, such as computers, e-mail, or equipment, for personal purposes

In addition to investigating, we assess any process or policy weaknesses and recommend improvements to the affected state agency.  We also provide anti-fraud training to state agencies and outreach to others in an effort to detect and ultimately prevent fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption.  We are here to serve the state agencies and protect the Georgia citizens’ investment in our state government.