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The State of Georgia Office of the Inspector General promotes transparency and accountability in state government. OIG diligently investigates fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption in the executive branch. We work to promote effective controls, improve agency policies and procedures, and identify opportunities for efficiency. We also provide statewide oversight of sexual harassment investigations.

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If you wish to report an allegation of fraud, waste, or abuse within the executive branch of the State of Georgia, you may file a complaint online using the "Report Fraud, Waste, or Abuse" form below. OIG investigates complaints regarding management and operations of state agencies within the executive branch of the State of Georgia.

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Additionally, OIG has been tasked with oversight of sexual harassment investigations within the executive branch of the State of Georgia. If you are a state employee and wish to report an instance of sexual harassment, you may file your complaint using the "Report Sexual Harassment" form below.

Report Sexual Harassment

Former State of Georgia employee sentenced to five years in federal prison for stealing $1.3 million earmarked for citizens with disabilities

ATLANTA – Former Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency counselor Karen C. Lyke (formerly known as Karen C. Gregory) has been sentenced to five years in prison for forging educational records and creating fake students with non-existent disabilities and illnesses in an elaborate, multi-year scheme to steal more than $1.3 million.  

OIG Publishes FY 2022 Annual Report

The Office of the State Inspector General has completed its FY 2022 annual report.

OIG Publishes Evaluation of GVRA's Tuition Assistance

The Office of the State Inspector General (OIG) has posted a report summarizing its proactive evaluation of tuition assistance provided by the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency’s (GVRA) rehabilitation program. The report can be accessed here.

Anti-Fraud and Forensic Interview Specialist Certificate

Interested in furthering your knowledge of forensic interviewing and fraud investigations? OIG, the International Association of Interviewers (IAI) and Kennesaw State University has teamed up to provide a five module certificate program for both college students as well as post graduate working professionals.

Anti-Fraud Training

To help stop fraud before it occurs, we offer anti-fraud training to state government agencies.

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