Government agencies are particularly susceptible to fraud according to surveys conducted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.  GA OIG conducts fraud investigations throughout the State of Georgia yet encourages agencies to stop fraud before it occurs.  Training and education are crucial components of fraud prevention; therefore, we offer anti-fraud training at minimal cost to the requesting state government agency. We do not charge for training but we ask that the agency reimburse OIG for travel to the presentation and overnight stays, if required.

Our flexible training program offers the following benefits:

  • Training to state government agencies at a minimal cost!
  • Customized topics to fit your audience’s interests whether they are bookkeepers, executive-level management, contract specialists, or a mixed crowd
  • Customized agenda for any length of time and any group size
  • Lively interaction and interesting topics
  • Willing to travel

Past training session topics for various audiences have included:

  • Fraud Risk in State Government
  • Role of the Inspector General and Fraud Awareness
  • Interviewing Techniques and Complaint Intake
  • Leadership’s Role with Fraud Prevention
  • P-Card Fraud and Internal Controls
  • Procurement Fraud
  • Grant Fraud and Its Consequences
  • Detailed Case Studies
  • Best Practices for Investigators
  • Automated Analysis Workshops for Investigators and Auditors

For more details on training for your government agency, submit your information request below.  We will respond soon to discuss your training needs and answer any questions.

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