ATLANTA, GEORGIA – The Office of the State Inspector General has issued its report documenting various allegations and findings concerning former Office of Special Investigations (OSI) Director Joshua Waites of the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR). Among other allegations, the report concluded that DOR OSI violated state law by failing to properly remit state asset forfeiture funds to the state general fund, that OSI personnel abused the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) by submitting a false certification, and that OSI employees committed a variety of ethical and regulatory violations.


“OIG’s investigation revealed an office culture at the highest levels of leadership within OSI that disregarded any semblance of their professional responsibilities,” said State Inspector General Scott McAfee. “While we are encouraged to see that DOR has already begun the difficult process of repairing the reputation of the OSI division and regaining the trust of this state, unfortunately the misused money highlighted here is something taxpayers will never see returned in full. Regardless, this report should remind state employees that they will be held accountable if they choose to deliberately ignore the laws and regulations of this state. OIG will continue to provide oversight over executive branch agencies and enforce a high ethical standard.


The report can be accessed Download this pdf file. here .